Slings & Bridles for Lifting

-Wire rope slings
-Nylon and polyester flat web slings
-Polyester and Kevlar/Spectra round slings
-Grade 10 Alloy chain slings
-Proof test certification available on all slings
-RFID tags available
-B 30.9 sling Inspections at our facility or customers site


Nylon and Polyester Web Slings

1″ to 24″ and 1 to 4 ply made to order in our sewing loft. Hundreds of slings already made on the shelf Travel lift replacement boat slings made to order Multi-leg slings with master links and hooks Proof test certification available on new slings and inspection with recertification on used slings

Wire rope sling

Wire Rope Slings

Slings made from 1/16″ to 2-1/4″ wire rope in stock. Many options available: standard or thimble eyes, single or multiple legs, Hooks or shackles. Trifle, 6- braid and 8-braid slings made to order.