Industrial Chain

Industrial chain
We feature Laclede & Crosby
-Galvanized Proof Coil/Grade 3
-Galv. ISO & BBB
-High Test/Grade 4
-Gold Transport/Grade 7
-Pre made G4 & G7 binder chains
-Galv. Long link lashing/Grade 7
-Alloy Lifting/Grade 10
-Hooks, links, loadbinders

Crosby Lebus Load Binders

Crosby’s Catalog page If for any reason you can’t see the catalog page, it is available for download here

G7 binder chain

Grade 70 Transport Chain in Bulk & 20′ Binders

  view larger Grade 70 is a high strength chain made from quenched and tempered steel. Higher strength to weight ratio than standard carbon chain. Easily recognized electro-galvanized gold finish. Not to be used for overhead lifting. Transport tie downs Tow & Binder chains Meets D.O.T. specs Finish: Gold Chromart Complimentary Products G70 Clevis Grab Hooks G70 […]

g 40 binder chain

Grade 43 High Test Chain in Bulk & 20′ Binders

2.  view larger High strength medium carbon steel chain with good wear charcteristics ideal for most tie down applications. Available in self-colored, shot blast, electro-galvanized, powder coated and hot galvanized finishes.Not to be used for overhead lifting. Transport tie downs Tow & Binder chains Finish: Self colored, electro-galv, hot galv, powder coated Complimentary Products G43 Clevis Grab Hooks G43 Clevis […]

G3 galv chain

Grade 3 Hot Dipped Galv. Proof Coil Chain

  view larger General light purpose chain ideal for most applications requiring a light duty steel chain. Proof Coil is available in long link or regular link as well as electro-galvanized, hot galvanized, self-colored or painted finishes. Not to be used for overhead lifting. Light duty applications Finish: electro-Galv, hot galv, self colored, painted Complimentary Products […]