Cable Railing Order/Rental

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Deck Railing Parts & Cable

1/8 Cable & Fittings


Tool Rental/Purchase

*How the rental program works*
Rental rate is $80 for the first week then $40 per each additional week
The rate starts as soon as USPS confirms the package has been delivered (tracking information will be provided to the corresponding PayPal account)
The rate ends as soon as the rental return label is scanned by a USPS sorting location.
Rental items that are confirmed to be delivered on a Monday will have to be dropped off and scanned by a USPS rep NLT 11:59pm that following Monday if you only want to be billed for one week of use.
Please keep in mind Federal holidays when planning your rental.
When you drop your rental off at the post office (or have it picked up) the amount time (weekly) will be subtracted from the total cost of the rental and you will be reimbursed for that amount.
Also please note reimbursement is also dependent on the quality of the rental when returned and the credit will not be applied until after the rental is inspected.
ie. $259.53 (total cost) – $120.00 (2-week rental) = $139.53 credited back to your PayPal account or credit card.